Multifunctional Large Dial Watch

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The mechanical watch has a diameter of about 42 mm, a width of about 19 mm, a circumference of about 24 mm, a thickness of about 14 mm, and a weight of about 90 g.
The watch is only waterproof, it can only splash water, prevent rain, wash your hair, wash your hands and take a shower.

Display and function:
A. hour clockwise B. minute hand second hand C.

Use and settings:
Top chord method: Turn the watch head clockwise 15-20 times (please do not exceed 20 times). The full chain watch can walk for about 12 hours at a time.
Manual mechanical watches must be threaded manually every morning and evening.
Set time: The middle part is fully pulled out and clockwise to transfer the hour and minute hands to the correct point in time.

Note: The adjustment time and winding must be clockwise, not clockwise.

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